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Posted 3 weeks ago

Customer Experience Manager

3 weeks ago
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About Company

PayAngel is focused on making sure that the Africa diaspora is able to make payments for goods and services in their home countries easily. Our products and services are designed to provide tailored payment solutions for individuals and businesses in the markets that we serve. PayAngel is fast, reliable, secure, and convenient, and allows customers to make payments online whenever and wherever to their home country provided they have internet access. To execute our vision, we will offer innovative payment solutions with increased convenience, better exchange rates and provide an exceptional overall service with no hidden fees and charges. We will continue to leverage technology and welcome ideas that enhance our product offering to ensure that our customers and clients receive greater savings and continuous exceptional service.   

Job Description

The PayAngel Customer Experience (CE) Manager is required to will oversee and assist CE Associates in the performance of their job duties such as responding to customer inquiries and resolving issues or complaints. The range and scope of responsibilities would range from supervision of the call center, helping customers with their account and transaction details, to giving advice on various PayAngel Products and Services while trying to generate new business and customers for the company.


Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Trains new employees in the company's customer service policies, procedures, and best practices.

  • Organizes and oversees the schedules and work of assigned CE Associates 

  • Manages a CE team and ensures they comply with company guidelines particularly related to quality of service.

  • Monitors or reviews calls or other correspondence between CE Associates and customers.

  • Ensures that representatives are informed about changes to company products and services. 


Key Responsibilities/Duties Include:

  • Engage with PayAngel customers on a daily basis to resolve issues/queries, and offer advice

  • Proactively contact customers to offer resolution to outstanding queries/issues, identify/discuss potential customer needs/opportunities

  • Managing difficult situations with customers and providing them with a resolution, information or additional options. 

  • Ensure quick and proper response to all reasonable customer requests. Refer to colleagues/managers, as appropriate. 

  • Be knowledgeable and keep current on PayAngel’s various products & service offerings, processes, markets etc. to close any gaps in knowledge and enable effective resolution of customer queries/issues. 

  • Have an understanding/working knowledge of the basic regulatory/compliance requirements of the Payments Industry required for this role. 

  • Strong computer/technical proficiency and understanding of proprietary systems and processes to support successful customer engagement. 

  • Maintains the highest level of confidentiality with all information obtained.

  • Participate in Marketing and Business Development activities

  • Providing additional support to the Business on projects as identified and assigned Management.

  • Process outstanding money transfers.


Major Skills and Competencies required are: 

  • Excellent Communication (Verbal & Written & Listening)

  • Confidence and Presentation skills

  • Ability to take Initiative in investigating and resolving Customer issues/queries

  • Strong understanding and interest in PayAngel products, services, markets, and processes 

  • Strong computer/IT Proficiency, with the ability to Adapt Quickly to New Technology, Proprietary Systems and Processes 

  • Strong Teaming Skills/ability to work in a team-based environment. 

  • Strong Organizational and Time management skills 

  • Ability to Explain Complex Information clearly and simply

  • Ability to put together Comprehensive and Cohesive reports on Customer interactions, Internal Processes etc.

  • Attention to Detail

  • Honest, Trustworthy, Driven and Motivated to succeed in the assigned role


Minimum Requirements:

  • BA/BSc. degree from a recognized University

  • Comparable record of customer service leadership experience required.

  • At least two years’ work experience in a similar role (A Master’s degree from a recognized university may be considered in lieu of Work Experience) 

  • Proficiency Microsoft Office Suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Strong Computer/IT Proficiency and quick adaptability to new technologies, proprietary systems and processes. 

  • Prior Experience in the Financial Services Industry is a plus

  • Multilingual skills are a plus (English, French & African dialects – Twi, Ewe, Ga, Yoruba, Igbo, etc.)

  • Requires an individual capable of working flexible hours including days, evenings, and weekends

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