Senior Developers And Junior Developers At Raba Rides

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 3 weeks ago
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We are looking for Senior Developers and Junior Developers. If you fit the profile please send an email with your CV and cover letter to hello[at] with the subject line “Application for Senior/Junior Developer Role” not later than 15th October 2019





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About Company

You own a car and you are frustrated about spending all that money on fuel only to waste it in traffic, or you don’t own a car but wish there was a more comfortable but inexpensive way to move about, then Raba Rides is for you. Through our carpooling platform, we connect those of you who are going the same way and give you an opportunity to help each other out. Riding with Raba allows car owners to offer rides to passengers going and make extra money on the side to support their fuel costs. It also gives passengers the opportunity to experience comfort similar to private rides on ride-sharing apps, but cheaper. What’s more, this is a chance to make more friends, and contribute in your own little way to reduce traffic congestion and save the environment. learn more

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